Spreading Joy on Salsa Tracks: A Texas Family’s Backyard Railroad Adventure.

When the pandemic cast a shadow across the world, one Texas family decided to infuse their lives with joy and excitement right in their own backyard. Mariano and Esmeralda Rendon, residents of Shavano Park, Texas, embarked on a creative journey to create the ultimate backyard play area for their three German shepherds—Abram, Bradley, and Kim.

Mariano, fueled by his passion for trains, had already begun the creation of an extensive toy train track system in their backyard named Salsa Tracks. Spanning nearly 1,000 feet, this backyard wonder became the family’s source of fun and entertainment. The Rendons, like many others navigating the challenges of the pandemic, found solace and joy in this whimsical creation.

As COVID-19 allowed for additional time at home, Mariano took the opportunity to modernize and extend Salsa Tracks. The new addition, aptly named Corona Pass, pays homage to the circumstances that allowed Mariano to dedicate more time to his beloved project.

While the rideable train became a favorite among the Rendon children, the most frequent visitors lately have been their three German shepherd puppies. Acquired at the onset of the epidemic, these furry companions—two boys and a girl—have become the main attraction of Salsa Tracks.

Mariano regularly shares updates of Salsa Tracks, featuring the delightful antics of Abram, Bradley, and Kim, on the Backyard Railroading Facebook group. The German shepherds joyfully ride on the flatbed cars, joining the train’s movement with enthusiasm. In heartwarming moments, they’ve even been spotted dozing off while the train is in motion, their heads gently bobbing from side to side as the whimsical Salsa Tracks meanders through the Rendons’ backyard.

In a time when the world sought solace and connection, the Rendons found a delightful escape and a source of joy in the simple pleasures of Salsa Tracks. This backyard railroad adventure not only brings happiness to the family but also serves as a heartening example of the creative ways people found to navigate challenging times.