A homeless man came to the rescue of a dog he saw being hit by a car. The man, from Jackson, Mississippi, ran to the dog’s aid after the car that hit the dog kept on driving.

“Last Friday afternoon, a homeless man witnessed a young dog being hit by a car on State Street here in Jackson. The driver kept going, so the homeless man scooped up the dog and carried him the whole way to the closest vet he could find. The vet called us and asked if we could help the dog,” the local animal shelter Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) wrote on Facebook.

They agreed and the veterinarian treated the dog they named Howard. The vet said the Pit-bull type dog has been “very sweet and calm” throughout his treatments, which are quite serious.

“He has a back injury and a broken leg and will require a lengthy hospital stay,” said ARF. But thanks to the Good Samaritan who saved him, Howard has a second chance at life. And thanks to ARF, he has a second chance of finding a family!

Although it will be a while before Howard is fully healed and ready to go up for adoption, ARF is currently asking for donations for his medical care. Visit their Facebook page for details here, or the vet can be called directly at 601-366-1461.