The elderly dog had been there overnight and was on his last legs…

An elderly Golden Retriever who had fallen into an icy pond and nearly drowned, was rescued by Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Larry LaVallee spotted the distressed dog one Thursday morning from his bathroom window overlooking the pond in Kippens, Western Newfoundland in Canada. He said he had first thought the object stuck in the ice was “a box or something that blew onto the ice.” But when he looked out again a short time later he noticed the object move, went to investigate and discovered it was a dog! He immediately called the RCMP for help.

The dog had his head down on the pond ice and looked like he was nearly dead. As Larry tried to find a safe way to get to the dog’s side, police arrived. Const. Luckily, Constable Kris LeGresley found a path through the brush to get to the dog and was able to grab and pull the frozen dog out from the ice. Const. Kelsey Ford assisted in carrying the soaked dog back to their vehicle and taking him to the veterinary clinic.

After working a very long shift, RCMP Constable Kris LeGresley answered a  call to help an elderly Golden Retriever and… | Golden retriever, Save a  dog, Elderly dogs

The vet clinic said it looks like the dog will be all right after his chilly ordeal. Const. Ford of the Bay St. George RCMP said the owners reported the dog missing after they returned home late Wednesday night. They went out searching for their dog, but could not find him. Fortunately, the Golden Retriever was returned home safely to his owners on the same day he was rescued.

After witnessing the rescue, Larry told the Western Star, “These are heroes of the community. Despite doing a very long shift they were very respectful and worked really well together saving that dog’s life.”