“Gσliath Frσg” It’s the largest frσg iп the wσrld, It grσws up tσ 12.5 iпches


The goliath frog (Conraua goliath) is the largest species of frog in the world as they can extend to 12.5 in of length and usually weigh around 7.2 lb.

The male goliath frogs are larger than the female goliath frogs.

The green-colored goliath frogs have granular skin and appearance.

A mix of yellow and orange color can be seen on their undersides.

Goliath frog (Conraua goliath) are found in the areas of Cameroon and Guinea near waterfalls and rivers.

They sit and wait for their prey on the nearby rocks and logs. Their diet includes food just like the other frogs.

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The tadpoles are independent and dine only on plants near the waterfalls and rivers.

Goliath frogs are usually big in size. These frogs are considerably bigger than house cats. The male goliath frogs are usually larger than females.

The goliath frog’s dorsal side is covered with green-colored skin and has a granular texture, and the underside of the body is yellow-orange colored.

The goliath frog takes place in the category of the largest frog in the world.

The Cameroon’s goliath frog can be bigger than a human foot, with its measures coming up to 14-16 in.

Goliath frogs weigh around 7.0-7.4 lb.

The goliath frog usually jumps around. The goliath frogs can jump at least 10 ft forward. Goliath frogs are known to the fastest frogs in the world.

The goliath frog eating habits include insects, crustaceans, fish and other types of amphibians.

They come out of their habitat in the night and hunt for their food.

The goliath frog’s habitat is the tropical rainforest of central Africa, north of Equatorial Guinea and southwestern part of Cameroon.


The goliath frogs mate during the months of July and August.

The male goliath frogs create semi-circular pools near rivers, by use of rocks, stones, and gravel. They establish dominance and also gain an opportunity to mate.

The females lay hundreds of eggs in the nest that are attached to the vegetation on the sandy bottom of the rivers.

After the gestation period is over, the tadpoles hatch from the eggs and remain in the nest till the tadpoles are ready to explore on their own.

Goliath frogs live up to 15 years in the wild, and can live up to 21 years in captivity.

They can live for long years depending on their living habits and the other environmental factors, and their surroundings.

Are they dangerous?

No, goliath frogs are not dangerous. They seem to look dangerous because of their appearance but they are not.