Beautiful Bianca had lived on the street for 7 years, but she needed help and a quick home … Watching her rescue made me so emotional!

A street dog named Bianca lived on the streets of Greece for several years until her condition called Degenerative Myelopathy began to form her limp a couple of months ago. But when rescuers at SPAZ, the dog rescue organization, found out about her, she was close to rescuing and finding home in record time.

Valia Orfanidou of The Orphan Pet wrote:

“I only met her two weeks ago and her rescue-rehome story is the fastest and most incredible ever. Degenerative myelopathy is what first made her limp months ago, and because the months glided by, she was getting worse and worse, until she was unable to face her legs and began to pull the back of her body. She has been cared for for years by many people who work nearby. Many people working nearby are taking care of her for years.

“She had a house made of wooden planks, they fed her – probably overfed, which makes her condition worse – it is one of the most important problems when many people look at wanderers, some have purchased her x-rays et al. for a replacement wheelchair. But the road was not an area where Bianca was often safe.”

“It was not so easy. A dog like her can’t be in a shelter, can’t be in a clinic, can’t live anywhere else but in a home – and finding a home for a paralyzed, 7-year-old, 30-pound dog wasn’t easy. In fact, it almost looked impossible, but Bianca got very lucky.”

Watch Bianca’s touching story within the video below. It’s heartwarming to ascertain that Bianca are going to be as happy and as healthy as possible for the few months she has left!!!