When Billie Jean was first spotted by No K.i.l.l Kern, an animal rescue in Bakersfield, California, she was living as a stray by a gas station around 30 miles from the closest town.

She was being fed by the kindly people there, but no one could catch her.

Luckily, No K.i.l.l Kern was able to catch her, and began to try and rehabilitate her as she was completely feral.

But her rehabilitation was interrupted unexpectedly when they discovered she was pregnant!

Her life on the streets made her pregnancy difficult. After giving birth to one puppy, she had to be rushed to the vet for a c-section. Fortunately, all five of her puppies made it!

Once she had given birth, they picked up her training again.

Billie Jean not only has to learn what a leash is, she has to get familiar with being touched, what it means to live in a home and what a ball is for.

Watch the amazing progress she makes in just a week in the video below. It’s nothing short of inspirational!

Although she’s got a ways to go, Billie Jean is making major strides and will no doubt thrive with all the love and attention she is getting. The rescue writes, “She is doing well on leash and even giving the occasional kiss!”

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