Thankfully this story had a happy ending!

Having spent days trapped underground, a terrified pooch was ultimately rescued with the help of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and firefighters. On March 1, the rescue services in Coalville, Leicestershire were alerted about a distressed pooch stuck in a badger’s sett a little before midday.

The caller was the dog’s worried owner who also revealed this the pup had been in the trapped state for over 60 hours. According to Daily Mail, the dog had crawled into the sett but unfortunately could not get out of it after becoming trapped in it for more than 60 hours.

Dog freed by Leicestershire firefighters after being trapped underground for more than 60 hours | UK News | Sky News

RSPCA officers immediately arrived on the scene and when the crew with the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service did, they carefully listened to figure out the dog’s location. Based on the pet’s barks, they narrowed down an area and began digging. Per reports, officials also employed specialist listening and locating devices to locate the trapped canine and more rescue crews had to be called in to assist with their efforts.

After some digging, a little around 4 p.m. the dog’s whimpers helped them locate it. It was later confirmed that the dog was ultimately rescued shortly before 5 p.m. and safely handed to RSPCA officers. The pooch was laid down on the ground for a while after everything it had been through and was then reunited with its loving owner.

Moment dog which was trapped underground for more than 60 hours was rescued by firefighters | Daily Mail Online

It is believed that the badger sett was inactive as there were no signs of any other animals at the scene. The rescue comes just days after a border terrier was stuck inside a badger sett in Rowde, Wilts, for six days. According to Mirror, the dog named Bumble dropped into it while on a walk. Her owner Annie Davidson had then put out a missing dog appeal fearing that her dog might have climbed out of it since she was nowhere to be found.

But one day, Bumble popped her head out of the earth and struggled to get back to safety. Of course, the pooch was extremely dehydrated and weak as it had not eaten anything for the past 6 days but thankfully her condition was not life-threatening and she was saved. “We’re so delighted to have Bumble back home. The experience was traumatic for her. Bumble popped up and out of the badger sett. Very thin and dehydrated but fine otherwise,” shared Davidson who was relieved that her pet was doing just fine.