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Dog toilet mat: learn how to choose and use

Very common in the homes of fathers and mothers of puppies, toilet mats have many benefits and are quite versatile for different situations.

Teaching your puppy to do his business on the mats can avoid “surprises” on the floor, on his favorite rug, or even help with travel, as he will always be free to choose the best time to go to the bathroom, without depending on his desire to give a spin around there.

It is also very useful for pet caretakers and dog daycares, who can choose to spread many rugs around the house, making the dogs more comfortable when going to the bathroom.

What is the toilet mat?

Hygienic rugs serve to delimit the place where pets can “relieve”, that is, they are nothing more than the modern version of the old newspapers. Of course, there is a lot of technology involved in the development of good quality rugs, but basically they allow quick and efficient absorption of urine, which leaves your dog always with clean paws, without dirt and makes cleaning easier. 

There are a wide variety of models and designs on the pet market, each with its own peculiarities, from variations in size to greater or lesser robustness. Many of them have odor control, with smells that please humans and do not harm dogs, in addition to the canine attraction, which helps a lot when teaching your pet to use the mat. Research and choose an ideal that fits your pet’s routine.

Why use toilet mat?

We list some of the advantages of using a toilet mat for dogs:

  • Hygienic mats are comfortable for dogs
  • They give pets more freedom.
  • Facilitate cleaning and hygiene of the environment
  • Mats are great for puppy training
  • They are good options for dogs that cannot go out for health reasons, such as the elderly, for example.

Future Pet Activated Charcoal Hygienic Mat for Dogs

The Future Pet mat was developed with activated carbon technology, which neutralizes odors super efficiently, in addition to having six layers, tear-resistant structure, high absorption and anti-leakage system, in addition to the canine attraction. It is gray in color, but you can see the color of the dog’s pee on the edges of the rug.

Both have fastening tapes at all ends, to keep the mats always in the right place and can be used by dogs of all ages and sizes, but if the pet is quite big, it may be necessary to use two mats, one next to the dog. other.

Tips on how to teach dogs to use the toilet mat

Now that you know rug options, let’s see how to teach your pet to use it.

  • Choose a place where the rug will be and preferably don’t move
  • For male dogs , you can choose to place half of the mat on the floor and the other glued to the wall.
  • For females and puppies , the ideal is to place the mat open on the floor. 
  • Take the pet to the mat a few times a day and always after meals.
  • Whenever he uses it right, give him a treat or cuddle, reward him in some way, like positive reinforcement.

Now that you already know the advantages of using hygienic rugs, remember to choose brands and models that are of good quality, often, saving on choice can give you a lot of headache.

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