A good Samaritan was on his way to the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) to do his usual donation of supplies. Suddenly he noticed a starved dog resting in the parking zone of their lonesome. The guy called straight away the shelter and rescuers came immediately to help the dog. The poor dog was soon give the name “Ethan”. Even though the chances that he survives were very small the vet and the rescuers did everything they good to keep Ethan alive.

Ethan’s condition left everybody speechless. It was clear to see that he was neglected. Somebody left him without any sources of food or water. It was by far one of the worst case of neglect they had ever seen. Dr. Emily Bewley a shelter veterinarian once said:
“Ethan is that the thinnest dog I even have ever seen that’s still alive. He weighs 38 pounds, when he should be around 80 pounds.” To get during this shape, he had to possess been starved for weeks.”

Ethan is suspected to be around three to four years old. The neglected dog is not able to support his own body weight due to a massive muscle loss.

Ethan really fought for his life. Not long after he was rescued, he wasn’t doing well . He showed rapid breathing and neurological symptoms like twitching. Emergency vets run to help him and thankfully his twitching decreased and he even wagged his tail for the primary time.

KHS wrote on a Facebook post : “Ethan remains alive and is in critical but stable condition at the animal hospital. He has began eating and drinking again but he has got to be delayed to bite and swallow because he’s too weak to carry up his own head. We are taking it very slow and steady and hope that he’s strong enough to fight”

Fortunately Ethan is showing an improvement and has gained much love and support in social media ports. KHS is steal trying to find out what exactly happened to poor Ethan so anybody with information please contact Louisville Metro Animal Services at 502-473-7387.

It’s a miracle that Ethan is still alive! He is a true fighter. We wish him to get well as soon as possible.