This scene has broken everyone’s heart, but Snoop now can’t stop smiling after being adopted…

Raising pets means you have to treat them like your family, and even more so. I still can’t understand how some dog owners mercilessly abandon their pets!!!

The video below, taken by a CCTV camera, shows a person abandoning their dog Snoop on a street in the UK.

The RSPCA, which helps animals in Wales and England, is still researching to understand the man’s identity. If you have any information, contact them!

Update: The dog was seen by an honest Samaritan sleeping by the roadside inside his dog bed.

He was taken to the vet, who called RSPCA, that were ready to find a replacement home for Snoop. He will spend his days with Laurence Squire, his new owner, who loves and takes care of him .

What a happy ending!

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