After a homeless dog wandered into a soildiers camp, leader of yank soldiers in Afghanistan, Sgt. Edwin Caba ordered to assist a stray family of dogs.

After saving the family Caba made a speacial connection with the dog and named it Sheba, who later on became the mascot and friend of the soldiers. Their loyal friend waited night and day for them to return safely.

Later Sheba became ill after parturition but the soldiers took care of her and helped her recover by giving her and her puppies a portion of their food and rations.

After all it was time for the soldiers to return back home but they couldn’t let Sheba and her pups behind thinking that they could all have a bad end. So they decided to take Sheba, Harris, Breezy, Buckeye, Jack, Sarah, Rocky and Cadence with them. Thankfully all dogs are safe and all have a warm home to live. What a beatiful ending thanks to these amazing soldiers! We are blessed to have these people.

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