This story describes how a mother dog has been left behind at a busy animal control agency in Texas. A rescue group pulled the puppies of this mother she was nursing.

This dog named Bambi, has been overlooked by a rescue group, her own little puppies were rescued when they were four weeks old, and after that Bambi was used to nurse a litter of motherless husky puppies.

After the puppies were rescued, Bambu was still at the shelter where no one took care of her. The shelter made a post explaining how Bambi helped the motherless liter.

She has been betrayed twice and deserves a home and a loving family. She needs to escape from there and have a chance for a better life.

Let us all share the story of Bambu, the way she cares for other puppies, and help her find a family the way she deserves.

We hope she won’t be in the shelter for too long, but find a home and a family.